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August 30, 2023

AI Phone Number: Elevating Customer Support and Engagement



In today’s day and age, business has lost its personal touch. Customers visit websites, read through FAQs, and fill out forms - without ever having a meaningful interaction with you or your business. That’s a shame.

If at every touchpoint your website visitors had the opportunity to speak with you, ask questions, and build trust in your product or service, not only would more of them become customers, but also, those customers would keep buying from you for longer. Said differently: when you build personal relationships with your customers, from the moment they visit your site to the first time they click ‘purchase,’ your customers will be happier, and your company will drive and retain more revenue.

That’s the power of an AI phone number: better, more engaging, more personalized customer experiences at scale. In this guide, we’ll describe three different - revenue-generating - AI phone number examples that you can apply to your business right now, including more on converting website visitors to customers, preventing at-risk customers from churning, and paths to upselling happy existing customers.

Turning website visitors into customers

When a customer visits your website they have a million questions. From “what does this company do?” to “can they solve my problem?” to “how much do they cost?” and “do they have a cheaper competitor?” Do you trust your customers to answer their questions and find the right answers? Of course not - you can’t afford to. Luckily, once they’re on your website, you can educate and help them make the right purchasing decision. That’s where your AI phone number comes in.

By providing an AI phone line for visitors to call, customers can instantly ask questions, get answers, and make purchasing decisions. During that process you’ll also generate a rich source of customer data; you can ask customers “How’d you hear about us?” and cross-reference phone call transcripts with purchasing decisions to understand what drives buying decisions. In turn, you can use that information to further improve your landing page and customer acquisition strategy.

Create your own AI phone number here.

Identifying at-risk customers and preventing churn

Many times - before companies churn off your service - there are clear indicators such as decreased utilization, abnormal numbers of customer tickets, and low reported satisfaction. Even though most businesses can find these signals via analyses of their CRMs and other customer-data tools, they fail to take action and turn lagging accounts around. Why? Making phone calls is time-consuming and expensive, and most companies don’t have the resources to do it scalabley - even if it can massively reduce customer churn and increase satisfaction.

AI phone numbers are the solution. By connecting an AI agent to your CRM, you can automatically send phone calls out to at-risk customers, offering them discounts, asking them for feedback, and figuring out how to keep them on board. In turn, you’ll boost retention, satisfaction, and revenue.

Gathering real-time customer insights

Speaking of feedback, phone calls are one of the best mediums for collecting information from customers. During a phone call, your AI can ask questions, listen to answers, and then carefully craft follow-ups that reach the core of your customers’ problems, enabling you deep insight into your company.

Imagine calling 100 customers per day, surveying them, and placing that data in a company-wide dashboard. In real-time, you could track, measure, and improve your customers’ experiences; you’d have a full view of them.

How to get an AI phone number

To get your AI phone number, sign up for a Bland developer account here. You’ll receive $2 free credits.

If you’d like a more comprehensive guide, you can also learn how to configure a custom voice bot for your company’s website here.

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from Bland

Serving sectors including real estate, healthcare, logistics, financial services, alternative data, small business and prospecting.

The Latest, from Bland

Serving sectors including real estate, healthcare, logistics, financial services, alternative data, small business.

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